I Did This In Class And I Thought It Was Cool! I Had To Write A Story Using These Words As Much As I Can But It Has To Make Sense.


repose        infinite          converge     vehement     dedicate     volunteer

antique       pucker         sarcastic     restoration   glare          pessimistic

conform      adaptation    esteem       queue           utter         detest

fatigue        urban           cavort         amuse         compose    tolerant

The prompt: No wonder no one ever went down into the basement,

There was a large queue of monsters. Only one person made it out alive and he was just a volunteer. He told us that there was an infinite of monsters cavorting in the basement. We lived in a large urban town but monsters weren’t common around here. We have tried everything, we called the monster police but there just reposed. When I turned 12 I could finally venture down into the darkness. My parents were vehement about me not going but I dedicated all my time to learning about the basement. When I finally got the permission to go down I tied a rope to a rock and dropped in. I hit the floor hard. Crack. Oh, no that does not sound good.. I attempted to get up and compose myself, but I failed. I was down too deep for anyone to hear me. This is the end, I thought. But being pessimistic won’t help anything. Sadly, my fall caused extreme fatigue and I passed out immediately. When I woke up i saw my own face staring down on me. It glared at me and I got really scared. I was about to make a run for it until I found out it was my reflection. How could I be so stupid. Wow This is ridiculous there’s nothing down here to be afraid of! I wish nevered conform the rules to come down here. There was no monsters there wear just a lot of pineapples, with faces, mouths, everything! They made me their leader. But then i thought to myself, i could adapt down here! This is actually very amusing, so i lived down here, in there world for 5521 years but thats it because i died from the disease called 
TooMuchPineappleasim. So now when other people come down i can only utter sarcastic comments. But then when they converge with my antique body they can only detest this place and leave.

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